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airfield defintion location distance


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Lo will correct me if I'm wrong, but it's about 50 m IIRC.

It can be further away if you also define the airfield via airfields.dcg (what I frequently do).

Theoretically, .rds locations are primarily for ground units to capture/supply locations, while airfields.dcg locations are primarily to instruct planes where and how to take off and to land.

It seems that DCG corrects the airfield locations as specified in the .rds file according to those specified in airfields.dcg, so that coordinates 'near the runway' become coordinates 'at the end of the runway'.



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Hmm that post of mine just disappeared!


Anyway I thought the distances were more like the 100m or so from tailspin's Guide. I also thought the Airfields.dcg file was just to specify the take off circle to avoid the hills!.


But I see that it also allows you to specify exactly the take-off point so that will save me re-doing the road routes, which are close enough already to the airfield in general?





TAKEOFF 252518.25 53145.05 0 0

NORMFLY 250011.80 55739.09 300.00 300.00

NORMFLY 246434.23 60304.33 600.00 300.00

NORMFLY 246741.50 66076.73 900.00 300.00

NORMFLY 250494.66 70949.25 1200.00 300.00




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To be correct: I have the impression (but I'm not sure) that the take-off coordinates in the airfields file override the waypoint coordinates for that airfield in the .rds file. I've seen several times that ground units are starting their mission AT the take-off point (and not NEAR the take-off point as was specified in the .rds file).


In other respects the airfields file is really for planes only: take-off point + normfly waypoints to define take-off direction and to avoid hills, etc.


The 50 m I suggested above is the absolute safe distance when not using airfields coordinates. 100 m or so could also be OK, and probably it can be even further away, when the airfield is exactly defined via airfields coordinates.

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