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Blasting From the Past


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Howdy all,


Just a quick note to say hello after several years. I was a member of II/JG1 from 2001 - 2008. I am still living in France and have re-commenced playing music for a living. No flight sims since I left the squadron; no time, equipment, or money to buy a gaming rig. I have, however, recently started playing Battlefield 4 with an English squad on PS3. What fun! It reminded me of my time with JG1, hence my post.


Howdy to all the oldheads who remember me and salute to all you youngsters; you have done well to choose such a great outfit.


Take care and see you soon,



PS - For those interested: http://cincinnatislim.com/accueil-welcome

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Hey Renner!


Great to hear from you.  You know, I was going through some old files on my computer recently and found a bunch of screenshots of the two of us in our "new" Fw 190 skins.  It easily had to from around 2005 or 6.  I'll see if I can find them, and post them.  Could be good for a laugh, as the birds are a bit tarted up.


Also, I'll PM you our TS3 server.


You should definitely stop by if you get the chance.  While we mostly fly RoF and IL-2, we have a bunch of guys that play World of Tanks, Civ V, Star Wars Old Republic, Day Z, etc.  Plus, it would be great to catch up.


Talk more soon.

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