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What are you guys listening to?


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Found them:




Both are really good!  I'm to see if I can pick some stuff up by Luc Arbogast.


Funny enough, I recognize Lieder der Freiheit!  But not this version of it.


It's "To France" by Mike Oldfield!



Yes, it's to France (a great song)....


And first song is partly using a medieval dance composition named "Saltorello"

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Assuming I have to know band and title. There where a few times I knew one but not the other.




5,6,8, and 12        8 heard a million times never knew the name or artist.                    Layla every time I hear it I think GoodFellas.


3,8,9,13                I'm protesting #11 I think that was a cover by someone else. or a live version that didn't sound like him.


4,9,11,12              The only reason I knew #6 was I saw a documentary on David Gilmour and he was a fan.

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Back again...  Have been working with a fairly young guy that started with us a while back. We have surprisingly similar tastes in music. Here are 2 that I knew from way back and he loved em,so we've been listening to a lot of this stuff.




  Cracker... I don't think I ever heard a bad Cracker albulm




 He knew Chris Stapleton, but never knew he had been in a bluegrass band. The Steeldrivers.

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