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What are you guys listening to?


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Represent!... Oaktown multi ethnic Power! Love these guys. One of their hits starts at 5:15 and tell me what is hip... 10:00... but the beginning is great too.



The original lead singer Rick Stevens...




Rick Stevens after leaving the group, was convicted of killing three men in a drug-addicted haze and served 36 years in prison, died on Sept 15, 2017 in Antioch, Calif., where he lived with a son. He was 77.


On January 12, 2017, long-time drummer David Garibaldi and touring bassist Marc Van Wageningen were hit by a train as they walked across tracks before a performance in Oakland. They both survived the accident.


I'm having the same issue as Trev.


"It has to do with the URL.  Make sure its the full one - www.youtube.com...


If it's truncated, like youtub.asdf then it won't work."


I tried http://... and without any prefix - www.youtube.com... etc.

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Fixed it. :D


You had the youtube.com part right.  But because the URLs had a time stamp in them, they weren't working.  The forum doesn't like time stamps for youtube vids.


If it says =0s at the end, that's telling it to start at 0 seconds.  Which it doesn't like.  And if it says ...watch... in the middle of the URL, that's another indicator that it won't work.

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