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What are you guys listening to?


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That's really nice, Firefly!  Never heard that before.

The only East German music I know is the soundtrack to Das Unsichtbare Visier (The Invisible Visor), which I listen to every once in a while.

For people who've never heard of it, Das Unsichtbare Visier was East Germany's James Bond: https://www.thevintagenews.com/2015/12/07/3935

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  I did not know that Klai.  I knew that Beard and Hill were already playing together when they got together with Gibbons.

  Gibbons was playing in a band called the "Moving Sidewalks" in the late 60's.  Sounded NOTHING like what they would become.  I recall picking up an album called "Flash" thinking  "cool, Gibbons early stuff!"    It was awful.

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When I had first heard that acoustic version a few months ago, I was instantly surprised at how regretful (perhaps sad) the lyrics actually are.  Like in the second verse - "Slowly learning that life is okay..."

Truthfully, I never paid attention to the meaning.  The '80's synth pop was too contagious.  It really is a great sad song sung to happy music.  Kind of like Hey Ya! by OutKast.  Once you hear it without the R&B beat, it starts to click:



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