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What are you guys listening to?

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Thought I'd just add my €0.07

Though music tends to distract me  while I am working or thinking, I love anything Palestrina as it is like a cool mountain stream trickling through my thoughts. Bach is great as well, especially his fugues.


Other music I can pleasantly bear while working is the requiem of Mozart, especially the Kyrie:


When I want music to scream for me when it would be socially awkward if I did it myself, I have all kinds of music. This is an nice example:


I regularly put this on because of the brilliant guitarplay. This is what virtuosity looks like to me. Jeff Healey's version pushes the same buttons.


Especially when cycling, I like to put on a selection of the better EDM to get the energy flowing (NB: I use bone conducting headphones, I see people biking with full on head phones, which seems incredibly dangerous to me):


I have a soft spot for this one because of its completely over the top caricatured funkyness:


Finally, I am responsible for quite a portion of the 4.5 M views on this one. Love it.


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4 hours ago, Lipfert said:

Posted a Justin Bieber song did you?

If I did I would most certainly not delete it... Yummy, yummy, yummy  🙄

Check out those moves! Especially when he grabs his package.


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14 hours ago, Klaiber said:

That's really cool how they restored the footage!  Was always a fan of INXS.

S! Same for me... I was lucky at an early age to see most of the band starting at that time (INXS, U2, The Cure and many more bands) at McGill University... in a small concert hall that around 200 persons could see the concert!

Those were the best day of my life!


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If anybody wants some music that has less propensity to distract while on their June 29th Richtoffen practice sorties

I would recommend the following, both for being pretty low-activity for the mind and nice and smooth. :)😎

Joe Pass - Meditation - Solo Jazz Guitar:

Masayoshi Takanata (Lead Writer for Japanese Jazz super-group "Cassiopea") - The Rainbow Goblins - Radio Play, Orchestral/Fusion funk:

This one's really esoteric and has lots of cheesy sounding 1980's Synths and stuff so you might want to stay away from it, I was turned off by it personally at first and had to find which portions of which songs actually sounded real nice to me. Mostly the guitar tones - which are often used to make weather effects or simulate singing/violin melodies are really spectacular. 


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