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What are you guys listening to?

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I'd have loved to have attended this... Joe is so weird looking but soooo cool.

Yeah, it's very long... almost 2 hours.

At least check "Is she really going out with him" @ 1:34:00... just a delightful version. 

The hits are @:





(and that's where I stopped... still more after)

BTW... he's just 3 months older than me.


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I woke up to eerie orange skies and it just barely got light enough to read a newspaper outside around noon. This is the view by Lake Merrit close to my house. The word that kept popping in my mind... "Armageddon"... which in my usual twisted way of association made me think of this classic urban legend... which lifted my spirits.... "ARMAGEDDON!"   😈 


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One of the greatest rock bands ever. My favourite album is Quadrophenia, though Sell Out is great too. 

Speaking of all-time greats, here's another one:

I watched the similarly-titled documentary the other week, it's exceptional. I've always been an INXS fan, but now that fondness has grown into a full-time obsession. 

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