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In case BoS doesn't pan out...


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Unbelievable that good piece of flight sim is going to be limited by some stupid & odd decisions far off, the unlock nonsense just peaks out the blocked FMB ,Skins ,Grafic Settings,or DServer for everyone

Even more suprising as most developers are old Il2 1946 players and should know where flight simmer come from and got to .... even new brone flight simmer.

Really ashame.

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Hi Nephris,


I agree.


I've checked out BOS a few times now, and I'm just not sure they're heading in the right direction.


I really don't like the unlock system.  And I find the FM to be weird.  When I fly the Bf 109, it feels like I'm flying a RoF Fokker D.VII really really fast.


I'm also a bit spoiled when it comes to clickable cockpits.  The fact that BOS doesn't have this feature really hurts it, in my opinion.  It's 2014, so clickable cockpits on a new sim should really be standard.


So far, even with it's problems, Team Fusion's modded version of Cliffs of Dover seems to be the way to go. And perhaps DCS WWII: Europe 1944 in the next few years.

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It is really ashame, we seem to had a quick view on an acceptable and valid sequel for WW2 flight simming on the horizon.

Within the past weeks the Devs seem to get completely off the rails by their decisions.

Looks like they will hit the empty gap between flight sims like Clodo or Il2 1946 and War Thunder.

Maybe I am going to far with my opinions here, but as flight simming is one of my passions, it bothers me, although it shouldnt,as it is and keep just being a game.

After the last update , " the we-lock-your-acceleration-update " - my hopes moved further down the slope.



I humbled about this post at SimHQ, which sums my feeling and opinons very well tbh.

And as I am not native speaking english I guess it is easier to post the crosslink to the post.

(the ironic character to the post: the OP is a fromer EA and Activision developer :)  )


Dont get me wrong, I think the game is basically a solid piece to work with, although already a kind of outdated.You already mentioned clickable cockpits, a Dx11 render path would have been also future signing... but well, within that short of time I can follow these decisions.

But for sure I cant follow balancing in FM belongs nor can I follow a heartless and not motivating campaign, which will be the opener for each gaming portal or gaming magazine to judge about the game. We all know about the power of those preview plattforms to crucifie a game or not.Even less I can follow the control bondage character of the game like

Controlling grafic presets, Controlling skin management ,Controllng user name ,Controlling diffculty settings ,Controlling fmb accessors.


I start to go off again ... :D




Slightly off topic:

we experimented with a half baking solution of clickable cockpits by a tool called Helios.

You map your own levers and button for the cockpit and move it to a desired location on the screen and make it as transparent as you like.

As you create the buttons yourself in an editor, you can name them as you like eg. in english .

Of course this is far off a serious clickable cockpit, but you are able to get off keyboard key.

Never tested it in Il 1946 or Rof but I see no reason why it should work here aswell.



You ae able to create via a editor own profiles, I attach a test profile for those who want to sneak in it without creating an own one for testing sake.

Check some more screenshots in the german section of BoS forums here


Maybe a picture sais more (credits belong to Melhilion)



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I stopped playing BoS a while ago, when I found there is always thick cloud layer from like 500 m to 1.5 km on the servers. It's boring for fighters and almost killing playing bombers except you are dedicated Il-2 pilot. The weak point of most simulators/games like BoS, former Il-2, RoF or CloD is almost no connection between aerial battles and ground war. Since Falcon 4.0 I've never experience the feel of "I'm part of the war". And from my point of view BoS is becoming pure dogfight focused more and more.

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If you haven't, you should check out Realistic Needs and Diseases:




It gives your character needs, like thirst, sleep and hunger. :)


For me, I finally got Frostfall working on my install of Skyrim.  But I haven't made a ton of use out of it, as I'm a vampire.


If I make a new character, I'm definitely going for full immersion.

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That looks like a good one. I actually stopped at an inn and ate and drank before turning in for the night. On my trip through the pass I kept thinking, I can make it two days, I've done it, myself! It actually brings back memories of being in the infantry in Alaska. Someone once mentioned, 80% of a winter field problem is survival! there is only 20% training.

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I found it on my own, RN&D is pretty nice. I had to drink a couple bottles of wine to get empty bottles so I could fill them with river water. Then while I was at a fire for warmth I boiled the water then cooled it to drink. It certainly is on the hardcore side, as it takes about twice as long to get anywhere with RN&D and Frostfall, at least with a mortal character. It adds an element of planning that I haven't seen in a game since the Oregon Trail ;)


Reminded me of my days in Alaska melting snow to drink in the winter. It always tasted like pine, FYI.

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