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just saying hi on behalf of WingWalkers and myself


as some might know I was JG1_J11 for a while in RB3D


Just got RoF last week and am a bit disappointed by the number of people online and the apparent lack of tournament play


WingWalkers have more than 20 flying RoF .. how many active JG1 are there now ?


would be great revive WW vs JG1 events .. I've heard that WWGeezer has contacted you about this but perhaps I can help move things along

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Hey Flybert,


We are in the process of regrouping for ROF. We are working on updating the web site and we hope to revive FIF.


Butzzell can fill you in better as soon as he see's your post.


Thx for dropping in and looking forward to some tourny play with the WW's.







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S! Flybert,



AS Wurger said we are getting it together. It was good seeing you online the other night.


We are getting our server operations in order. Another week and we will have it down.


Our forums need some additions and then we will be set to revive FiF.


Right now we have about 10 pilots that are flying. We have some of the old guard getting the urge to become active again.


For some preliminary info on FIF , go to http://home.nctv.com/jojo/FiF%202.html



See ya soon,



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