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WWII Air Combat Color Footage


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In a related link, I noticed this on liveleak:




Not in color, but some very impressive footage.


Of particular interest, check out the cockpit views of multiple Ju 87 attacks, starting around the 5:00 mark.


There is also some I./JG 3 footage scattered throughout the video.  There are some great formation shots of the squadron starting around 9:00.  Just look for the tatzelwurms.

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There is also some interspersed shots of Werner Mölders getting into a Bf 109E, starting at 7:30 and going to right before we see the I./JG 3 Bf 109 starting up (at 8:45).  


It's cut to make it look like he's starting up the I./JG 3 aircraft.


But it's obviously two (or three) films cut together (as he was in JG 51, and the markings of the Bf 109 being fueled don't match either).

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Yeah, I agree.  Everything that I've read about Mölders says that he was a good guy.


He was extremely protective of his pilots, and they loved him for it.  He had a strong moral center, and was a deeply religious man.  And his desire to "do good" didn't bend or break due to political expedience.  There are at least two credible testimonies that say he protected friends from the Holocaust.


As a result, I've always thought it was very sad that the German government felt the need to remove his post-war honors.  I mean, I understand why they did it.  Mölders was a member of the Condor Legion and it was felt that any connection to that group is a connection to war crimes.


But Mölders was never involved in Guernica or any other atrocity.  So, I hope they eventually change their minds.

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