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Coral Sea


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When first mission gets created, I noticed that some planes seem to air start and fly off to an offmap airbase. In an attempt to fix it, I changed the names of the carriers and lo and behold it works.


The problem crops up when I get onto the second mission, ALL the planes exhibit the behaviour where they get an armed recon mission then land in an offmap base. I basically changed the "Master" version of coral seas.




I was using dcgen 348 beta 7

Installed on IL2 1946 4.12.2 unmodded

Playing coop multiplayer campaign.

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The mission includes some seaplanes that have offmap airbases.  All other planes should be associated to a carrier in the first mission and should not be flying off to an offmap airbase....


It's possible that the bug may be due to changes in how squadrons are identified as USN and IJN...yep, after some testing, it seems to be what's happened.

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