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Adding New Planes to DCG


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Hello, first like to start off that the DCG is just a fabulous tool which im sad that I found it so late. Props for making it! Anyways I'v been trying to add some of HSFX 7.0's planes to the program to use in one of my latest online campaigns, I managed to kinda figure out how to add fighters to the program and the game runs perfectly fine when I play them. However whenever I try adding a bomber + some of its payload, everytime I start the map it just buggers out and refuses to play the map with the "it cannot load classes" or something like that issue when I try to hit the fly button after selecting the bomber. In Solo campaigns the game just explodes and crashes if I try to start it when selecting the bomber upon hitting start. Is there something I am missing when adding bombers to the classes file?

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The usual procedure is something like this (provided the plane is already added to the class file):


1) Fire up the FMB

2) Select the plane, give it the payload, save the mission, tab out to the mission file, copy/paste the internal name of the payload into the allpayloads file (following the pattern you see there).

3) Repeat 2) for other payloads #n times.

4) Fire up DCG, go to the aircraft class settings, select and set naval payload, level payload, etc.


If it still doesn't work this way, look for a typo or some tabs instead of spaces in the allpayloads file. DCG reads the payload name from the #th "column", so if you have one space less or more in front of the name (or the name is misspelled), you get an arror like you got.

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I seem to be having a bit of a hit and miss adding planes.

Today I tried to add the beaufort (mod plane extracted from the 4.12 version), but it doesnt show up in the squadron edit plane list!

I added this to class.dcg

Beaufort1Late                  Beaufort Mk.I late                  gb 1 4 1 193908 194612 none                           BeaufortMKILate                     BLENHEIM4F                     1525 Meters 270.00 kph  Default     300.00 kph

This to allpayloads.dcg

Beaufort1Late                            B 8x250lb
Beaufort1Late                            B 4x500lb
Beaufort1Late                            B 2x1000lb
Beaufort1Late                            T 1xtorp

And this to payloads.dcg

Beaufort1Late                      8x250lb                                 none                                    4x500lb                                 none                                    1xtorp                                  default



any ideas why it doesnt work? I added the Ki-48 Lily the same way and it worked!

Could someone explain what the data "1 4 1" after gb in the class.dcg file is?


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some more info for help in cracking this

The plane shows up in the aircraft class settings, and I fixed up a few wrong entries, I had the level and ground attack loads back to front, not that it matters really, and fixed the ingress and cruise speed, BUT it still does not show up in the squadron editor!

Here is the line in the class file after I closed DCG

Beaufort1Late                  Beaufort Mk.I late                  gb 1 2 1 193908 194612 BEAU10                         BeaufortMKILate                     BLENHEIM4F                     1525 Meters 240.00 kph  1000 km     240.00 kph

As you can see in the pic, it does show in DCG class settings


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ok, after a lot of trial and mostly error lol I think I have nutted this damn thing out. It's all to do with the names matching other files, ie Air.ini and skin folders! I had done everything (mostly) right in the "class.dcg" file

The biggest blunder I did was the "Skin" folder name did not match the "DogfightID" entry!

So here is how the "class.dcg" file is structured for future reference. I believe this used to be well documented on the old forum, does anyone have a copy of the original guides?

Beaufort1Late                  BeaufortMk1Late                     gb 1 2 1 193908 194612 BEAU10                         BeaufortMk1Late                     none                           1525 Meters 240.00 kph  1000 km     240.00 kph

NOTE that the "class.dcg" file is a 'fixed width' file, so each entry in the line must start directly beneath the entry in the line above (in other words all the entries start in neat columns).

The first entry the 'Class ID', must be exactly the same as in the game. You can get this name from a saved mission generated by FMB, ie the EXACT name after the Class air.:

  Planes 1
  Skill 1
  Class air.Beaufort1Late   <------ This is what we need for the first entry Beaufort1Late
  Fuel 100
  weapons 1xtorp

You MUST use 'spaces' (not tabs) to move your cursor to the next column.

The second entry is the 'Full Name', ie: "BeaufortMk1Late"   You can get this name from the air.ini and plane_ru.

AIR.INI: BeaufortMk1Late   air.Beaufort1Late 1                  NOINFO   gb01  SUMMER

PLANE_RU: BeaufortMk1Late      Beaufort Mk.I late, 1940

The third entry is the 'Nationality', is 'gb' (Great Britain).

The fourth entry is the 'Side', is '1' (1 for allied, 2 for axis).

The fifth entry is the 'Type' or 'Category', is '2'.

The types are:
1. Fighter
2. Bomber
3. Transport
4. Ground-Attack
5. Reconnaissance
6. Seaplane/Floatplane
7. Dive Bomber

Entry 6 is 'Flyable by player'. 1 for yes, 0 for no: 1

Entry 7 is 'Start Year/Month', or when the plane begins to become available in the campaign

Entry 8 is 'End Year/Month'

Entry 9 is 'Upgrade' This entry is the ClassID for the upgrade plane

Entry 10 is 'DogfightID' - MUST BE THE SAME as Skins folder

Entry 11 is 'Downgrade' This entry is the ClassID for the downgrade plane

The next columns are 'Cruise Altitude, Cruise Speed, Range, Target Ingress Speed': ie 3000 Meters 410.00 kph Default 410.00 kph


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