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Squadron rank/ command level in DCG


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Hi, I've just started using  DCG and have a couple of questions.


When I ran the 'Auto Generation Mode' I found that my pilot was always the last plane in his flight no matter what his rank.   Now that I have switched to 'Full Auto Generation Mde'  I find that I am always the squadron commander even though I am the lowest ranking pilot in the squad as an 'aviation pilot 1st class' (the lowest USN rank).   I can't find a setting that controls this... what am I missing?


Also, in 'Auto Generation Mode'  I found that the rank/awards recorded in  IL-2 did not match the rank and awards that DCG recorded.   Kills, missions, flown and aircraft lost were all up-to-date, but rank and awards advanced much more slowly than reported in the DCG squad editor.  What might cause that?




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Hey Jaus,  you might want to try deselect squadron management in the list of options.  Squadron management allows you to be the leader regardless of your rank in the squadron.  With that unchecked, your position returns to normal.  As your career progresses, your position in a flight also advances.

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It's here: http://www.lowengrin.com/content.php?article.10


Squadron Management: if checked the player may move pilots on the roster list from one position to another by clicking on one pilot's name and then on a second one. The pilots will swap positions. Only works for the player's squadron and only in single-player mode. 


OFF means that flight positions are set and maintaned by DCG in an automated way according to rank.

ON means that the same is done by you manually.

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I did read that, but the ON/OFF meanings that you describe should be stated in that line.   As written, the line merely describes the ability to move pilot positions in the 'Squadron Management' panel.  When I had that option checked  I tried moving my pilot to a lower position and I still wound up as the commander of the squadron on every mission.    I'm not sure what being able to move pilots on the roster accomplishes,

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I don't know. Shouldn't be, but maybe. I mostly fly DCG campaigns with the stock game, and I never had the issue you have. But it's not completely uknown to me either, possibly I've already encountered it in HSFX . Anyway, if you have both versions (stock and HSFX), you may want to check it: let DCG generate a mission, then copy the mission to the \Single folders of both games versions, then fly them from the FMB. If there's s difference, then there's a difference...

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I've been running DCG with HSFX7 for a few campaigns now and , except for the squadron management thing, it seems to run fine.


With Squadron management 'on' I can move pilots up and down on the list in the squad management panel, but they do not take effect in IL2, and if I rerun DCG, they are all reset with my pilot back in command regardless of rank.

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Theoretically, there should be no difference. When DCG generates a mission, it also specifies the player's position:




  MAP FinsGulf/load_w.ini
  TIME 12.0
  CloudType 2
  CloudHeight 2171
  player LeLv3400
  army 2
  playerNum 1


In this case, "player LeLv3400" specifies the flight (the first flight of the squad "LeLv34"), and "playerNum 1" means that the player is second in rank to the flight leader. In stock 4.12's terms it means that he will be flying plane #2, that is, he'll be the wingman of flight leader #0 (plane #1). I see no reason why HSFX should interpret it differently, but it's possible that it makes him the leader of the 2nd pair, that is, assigns him to plane #3. Does it make a sense?

Anyway, check the file generated by DCG, and look for player squad and playerNum.

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