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1./JG42 MDS Campaign - each Thursday evening

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Hi folks,

the 1./JG42 is hosting since a long time regular DCG Campaigns in chronological war time order.

Last fall we started again in 1940 - France settling over to Riga 41, Leningrad 41, Malta 42 , Tobruk 42 and right now we are fliyng at Rhzev 1942.

We meet each thursday evening at 19:45h (GMT+2 /Berlin time) and encourage each pilot who is still interested in flying Il2 1946 to join us.

Basically you are free to choose which side and which of the available pilot seats you take.

Our main goal is to fly together and having fun, noone of the present pilots is interested to become a new Rall or Hartmann.

For coordinate flying we use the teamspeak server of 1./JG42, german and english (no moatter of what quality) language is default.



Maybe you want to check out our dedicated campaign website with some basic information about the past and running campaigns and the present front situation.


Of course we use DCG and mostly the default campaigns sometimes with an adapted planeset. Malta 42 and Tobruk 42 were campaigns on our own.

The platform on what we fly in Il2 1946 4.12.2 @ HSFX 7.0.2 & a small custom mod paket


We hope some of you are interested to fly with or versus us in a DCG generated campaign.

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Upcoming thursday 9th may we meet again at 19:45h met to take off at 20:00h into the skies  above Rhzev.

Meet and join us in our teamspeak server As we are expecting to fly 3 missions at all a later join for

the second or third mission is easy possible. For now you will meet FW190-A4, Bf109G2,Bf110G2,Ju87D3,Ju88A4 and He111 vs

Yak9, La5, P39D, Peshkas, Il2 of different kinds and DB bombers.



Every pilot of each skill is welcome

to join us!

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Amazing website Nephris!


Love the looks and all the info. Since u guys are playing in a orderly fashion i guess i'll wait until some american planes pop up there.


Best of look to ur misisons and the great DCG campaign u guys have rolling there.

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Just as a simple reminder, to whoever is interested to fly a dynamic coop campaign.

We still meet each thursday at 19:45h met (TakeOff 20h met) and fly around 2 or 4 missions.

For now we are in autumn 1942 at Murmansk. Soon Gen. Hoths army will be supported to free or not the stalingrad bulge.

Following a quick rest at the Channel in early 1943 to enter the battle in spring 43 in northern africa again.


If you are interested to fly thursday evening in a group, hop  in TS , pm me or leave a post to the forums at il2-club.de or jg42.de.

Complete squadrons are as welcome as single freelancer.

Decide by your own which side you would like to fly.

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The war moved on to 1943, marking the end of Heeresgruppe Afrika, former known as DAK.

Wehrmacht forces try to hold the remaining african bridgehead to the end of May 1943, awhile the Allies

are trying to capture the last forces at the african coast.


Each pilot or squadron of any skills is still welcome to join us.

Choose whatever side you like.

The only requirement is to get up into air in one piece.

Check out the website for more information and TS adress

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Hey Nephris, how are u?


Hope u r doing ok. Now straight to the point shall we? lol


After several months away from il-2, I decided to come back today to give a try to ur campaign (hope i'm not too late) but at the present moment, my headset is not working. Is there anyway I could join u guys today even w/o a headset? If so i'll gladly take part of ur planned flight today? Where can i met u guys?



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Thanks for the flowers ;)

You are highly welcome to fly with us, we had a great evening together.

Dont hesitate if you would like to invite several of your former squadron m8ts to join the campaign aswell.

Reports of yesterday missions are up-to-date.

As for your question, which campaign was done ,which won or a loss, you will find a link on the menu tab called "roadmap", which links to all past campaigns (mouseover the pins). Red pins are losses ,blue won, black a draw and white the running campaign.


The most effective way to reach us ,will be by the forum of il2-club.de. Although not the forum of my squadron, but the plattform I share the info for all the guys participating, or where i answer question to the running campaign etc.

The board language can be switched to english aswell.

Nevertheless I will strafe this thread weekly.



Regarding international character of the website:

The last reports on website should now be again translated in english, so you dont need to use Google tranlsator (i hope...)

Basically the website should notice your browser not being german and switches automatically to english.(/?lang=en)

Same belongs to the linked articles on the website.

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Remaining Il2-1946 veterans are still flying a dynamic multiplayer campaign initiated
by 1./JG42 about 28 months ago.
The campaign began with the virtual Battle for France 1940,
followed the chronological timeline throughout the war
to the present Battle for the Krim in 1944.

The campaign is generated dynamically by DCG, each event effects the next mission.
Each pilot, every tank, vehicle and AI plane is an effecting part of the campaign.
To virtualize the battlefield 200 tanks, 60 vehicles and about 120 planes are facing each other.

The dedicated Server is administrated by FBDj
and connected to a realtime statistics.
The game version is Il2 1946 4.12.2
HSFX 7.0.3 and a custom created mod package.

We meet each thursday evening at 20h (GMT+2/Berlin timezone) in TS of 1./JG42.
A mission runs 60 minutes, basically we are playing 3 missions.
Due the moving dogfight character Joining is always possible.
A death kick triggers after the third virtual death for the remaining mission time only.

We would like to welcome new or old pilots and squadrons aswell.
Meeting point is the Teamspeak Server of 1./JG42.
Login dates will be send via pn to each interested pilot.

Find more information at the dedicated campaign site

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