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Off-Duty Bomber Pilot Helps Land a United 737 After Captain Passes Out


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Hey! I bet that picture was taken at Ellsworth AFB, SD. I lived there for about three years. Those B-1s are BIG planes. Through Civil Air Patrol when I was younger, I got to lay in the back of a KC-135 with the boom operator while they were refueling planes coming in for an air show at Shaw AFB, SC. One of the planes I got to watch was a B-1. They have this amazing windshield which blacks out in direct light, much like those "auto tint sunglasses," to shield against the light of a nuclear explosion I imagine....


Very neat story though. Not one I want to read right after I get done flying, and have another one to look forward to in a few weeks... but still.


Coincidentally I've seen two of the eight currently on display. One at Ellsworth, and the other where I am now, visiting my parents; Robins AFB, GA.

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