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FIFXVIII Set 1 Start Dates


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Hi All,


Thanks to everyone for signing up for what promises to be an extremely fun tournament event!

Currently, here is our timetable.


On Wednesday, 11 June 2014 @ 8:45PM EDT, we'd like to have a test mission.  This test will primarily be designed to make sure everything on the maps are working correctly.  However, the key secondary role of the test is to give everyone unfamiliar with FIF the chance to see how the system works.


Then, on Wednesday, 18 June 2014 @ 8:45PM EDT, we'd like to officially start Flanders in Flames XVIII.


This is of course assuming that the test on June 11 goes well.


As of this posting, there are 5 registered squadrons participating:









42 w/ RAC




We're expecting about 20+ people per side, with more coming in after the event commences.


We're also hoping for a few more squadrons, like the TM, RAF 74 and others.


Post any questions below.  


Looking forward to flying with you all!



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Thanks to everyone who flew the FIF test last night!  The 42's server was very smooth, and outside of a few scripting issues, things went really well.


As far as I know, we're still good to start the campaign on Wednesday, 18 June 2014 @ 8:45PM EDT.


Check back for more updates as we get closer.

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