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Warning:Be very careful

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Attention: sausage breathed beer swilling Central fliers, I will be doing my utmost to shoot you all down,this is the final warning you will receive, you can post your intentions to surrender here now.As I will not be accepting terms after the commencement  of hostilities.Cheery-o chaps, time for tea....


                                                                                       Respectfully, RFC5_Mueller


               PS: would like to receive at least 1 warning point for this post,maybe 2 because it its an early warning.

                      Also please remember, Im only joking,.but still surrender here now in the interest of self preservation.

                      I included a quick vid of some secret Entente training  

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top o' the morn to you fine lads,since none of you were wise enough to surrender last time,once again the gracious and benevolent RFC5 will give you the opportunity to raise the white flag.After observing the glimpse of our rigorous training,anyone can see the futility of resistance.Kindly post your pacifist intention here to spare the indignity of being taken prisoner,or eliminated.As usual, no quarter will be given after the commencement of hostilities.

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