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MFG Crosswinds - Arrived


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I have nothing that I can complain about these pedals, build quality is excellent, precision is excellent, service was excellent. By the time I got them shipped and delivered they cost about 2x the Saitek Combat Pedals. However I never really felt good with the Saiteks, they are ok but not overly comfortable for long flights.


My office is carpet, so I needed to secure them and ended up using a chair mat by drilling through it and securing with nylon ties. Cheap and worked perfectly. Adjustment for tension is a breeze and the cam design is brilliant, smooth works great.


Impression is I would not hesitate to purchase again, like Track IR I could not do without them. Hell, I can even fly the Dr.1 now without falling out of the sky !!



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Lipfert, was wondering if you had any feedback on reliability.


I've had a set of the white MFG Crosswind pedals for a couple of years now; like you, I love them.  However, after I recently built a new machine, I started having troubles.  Although they installed and eventually operated perfectly, it was immediately apparent that my new computer would not boot up with the pedals plugged into the USB.  After trying many different ports of the 8 USB 3.0 / 2 USB 2.0 ports that I have available on the back, I found one that would allow the machine to boot up reliably.


However, there were a few instances where my pedals just quit working while I was in the game.  The last time it happened, I took off with them working while flying a Dr.1, and when I dove in to attack an enemy, the first turn I tried to make it became immediately apparent that they had quit working.  That really pissed me off....


So I tried again to find a reliable port.  My new motherboard uses 3 different USB controllers; Intel, VIA, and one other.  I grabbed the front panel USB's fed from the MB pin headers and routed them to the back instead, via a card slot adapter.  I had high confidence this would solve the problem, but it didn't.


By reading up on my MB's reviews, it seems the USB controllers leave a lot to be desired, although the Intel ones are usually considered reliable.  Bottom line is that I never once had a problem with my old MB or machine, with these pedals.  I'm beginning to suspect that the pedals must draw quite a bit of current, compared to most other USB devices.


For now my workaround for this problem is to just leave the pedals unplugged from the USB when I boot up.  Then, I just plug them in after all is running normally, and they reconnect just fine, and work trouble-free.


My last resort is going to be to install a separate PCI-e USB expansion card, which will have it's own USB controller.  This little card will provide 2 additional USB ports on the back, and it also has a direct power feed via a Molex connector right on the card, so it shouldn't really have any issues that are caused by the MB.


If this last thing doesn't prove reliable,  I think I'm going to have to start blaming the pedals themselves.  That would really be a shame considering how expensive they were.


Anyway, just wanted to see if you had heard of any similar issues.  Thanks!

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