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Short truce


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S! All


There will be a short delay in hostilities. No mission for July 2 cnd. Hostilities should resume July 9th.



During this time, people from the Geneva convention will be inspecting the damage to a Hospital, convent and orphanage that was bombed. In the wreckage were fragments with "Vickers" stamped on them. This could bode bad for the British.  


That the Germans were using the orphans and nuns as slave labor to produce artillery shells around the clock has no bearing on this.

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Geneva Convention gives humanitarian commendation to Germany.



Documents show that some of the survivors of this attack were in such horrible condition that they could not be saved. They would have suffered for hours before dying. The Humane Germans performed "Mercy Killings" to save these people from such a miserable and tortured death.






 After running out of bullets they had to use their bayonets. 

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