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The correct syntax is:


19410801 BanPayload JU_88A4 = 2xSC2000;10xSC50


The first value is the year/month/day that you want the ban to begin.

The second is the command (obviously).

The next is the plane ID followed by " = " (make sure you have spaces before and after the "=" sign.

Everything else is the payload seperated with ";".


Does it still work with the latest patches to IL2, I don't know....


Adding a weapon (including unbanning one) is:


  19410810 NewPayload JU_88A4 GAWeapon = 2xSC1000
  19410810 NewPayload JU_88A4 LBWeapon = 10xSC50
  19410810 NewPayload JU_88A4 ASWeapon = 2xSC1000
  19410810 NewPayload FW_190A8 AAWeapon = r14mg15120
  19410810 NewPayload FW_190A6 Droptank = r11tank


The difference here is you have to specify what the payload is used for (ground attack, level bombing, anti-shipping, anti-air, or long-range tanks).

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