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Eduard Bf-109 E-4


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I wish I paid more attention when my grandfather was trying to teach me to build models. I never got the weathering down and to me that's the most impressive part of modeling (probably because I don't understand it). That detailing is superb, perhaps when I finally get some of my other garage projects out of the way I can spend time on modeling once again.

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If you are interested in such things, check this out. Probably the best web tutorials on scale modeling.






A great resource, thanks. Now just to finish one of my many projects... shadowboxing my tool boxes will probably be doable.

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I started to get back into the hobby with winter coming on, I purchased Airfix's BF 109 and Spitfire in 1/24th scale. Have a diorama scheme in my head dipicting a morning during the Battle of Britian. Here's a couple of pictures of the beginning of a longggg process of detailing the 109's engine.




The wiring is kind of nuts, I found the original shop manual on the BF but it's written in German and my schoolboy German is just a foggy rememberance of gutteral sounds.


In 20 years I was surprised to see how much the supplies for this hobby has soared.

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