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Join the Entente Powers for FIFXIX!


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S! All,
Welcome to the Flanders In Flames Online War!
To sign up as a pilot for the Entente Powers, please post below with the following information:

  • Your In-Game Name:
  • Your Squadron affiliation (if any):

Your post within this thread is very important, as it lets us know who to give forum access to.
After posting within this thread, please be patient.
It may take up to 24 hours before your request to join a group has been approved.
Thanks and Salut!

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Hi Cuban,


I believe the Entente uses No.42 Squadron's TS server.


You should have access to the Entente section of these forums.  They might have posted it there somewhere.


If you can't see that area, please let me know.  I'll rectify it ASAP.

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All set!  You should now have access to the Entente section.


Make sure to get the Entente TS information.


The Dry-run is tonight at 9PM EDT.


You'll probably want to jump on early to coordinate with the Entente team.

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