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Questions about Co-op campaigns, and singleplayer Careers.

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Hello! I'm pretty new to IL-2 1946 and I've read the Nuggets Flying guide, set up my difficulties and the like, and done a bit of the tutorials. My dogfighting and gunnery skills are still sub-par, but I've gotten enough flying experience and a little gunnery done, hit a target once or twice but thats about it. I understand a fair bit of flight systems and dynamics as I've flown in Rise of Flight and DCS mutliple times, however it's the campaign systems of 1946 and DCG that I'm interested in right now.


Now to start off the questions, I want to start by asking about co-op campaigns through DCG. Can they be as dynamic as the singleplayer career mode? I'm REALLY into realism and management and would love to know if there was a way for the campaign to 'remember' us flying in the squadron, give us ranks and procedural advancements in the ranking system. And if not, I want to know how to get the DCG to give us a bit less difficult missions. As when we play, we just get wrecked hard by the sheer size of the enemy squadrons. Granted we ARE flying as Russia in early 41 in Kiev, of which I'm already trying to find an easier campaign for us to fly as we're both newbies, but I'm just curious about what options I have to do with Co-op campaigns.


As for single player careers, I'm having a similar issue with the squadron size. I used to watch JefMajor flying in 1946 on his videos and he always seems to have small numbers of planes to engage when he uses DCG in Tobruk and I think a few other places, and I'm wondering if I'm either setting something wrong, or whether it's just easier for me to fly with the default career generator and just build my skills until then?


Either way, I'm hoping to find a campaign ground that will be easier for us to fly as newbies to get practice before we dive into the hard, blood, guts and glory of aerial warfare.




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Welcome to IL-2 1946 and DCG.  To answer your main question, yes, DCG's coop game is as dynamic as the single player mode.  They use almost exactly the same mission generation code.


If you want to "level" the playing field a bit for the Russians in '41, you might want to change some of the settings on the General Campaign Settings page.  For example, you can set the "Squadron Balance" to "Allied Advantage" for one.  You might also want to change the "Russian Flight Size" from default to four.  And maybe reduce the maximum flights per squadron down to two or even one.


Finally, after you've generated the campaign, you might want to dumb down the German squadrons a bit on the Squadron Editor Panel.  In '41, many of them have their skill level set to Veteran.


Good luck and if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

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