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FiF Glitches


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S! All


RAC_Shnoze_Shmon noticed a problem with the messages for the spy objective. It was giving secondary target info but not the green completed subtitle. It was giving neither message in the repeating listing of completed objectives.


This was happening on the FiF open mission on the JG1 server. It could not be reproduced on the test mission or the official versions for the tournament. We asked our HAL 9000 computer do a diagnostic. The results were that the squirrel was nuts.


We quickly sent the HAL 9000 to a mission on Jupiter so we could get to the bottom of this. After repeated testing, modification and more testing, the fault was found in a counter in the tally system for mission objectives. A counter had been set at the number "2" instead of "1". Since this error was not in the tournament versions, this probably happened when changing the program from tournament to open. When converting to open server play, several timers and objects are changed or removed. Many conditionals are changed as well.  Spy objective tally should not have been one of them.


This error took 2 days of intense investigation to track down. If anyone sees anything out of order or suspicious, please post here so that it can be investigated as soon as possible.


Many thanks to Shnoze for all the hard work and effort.

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Had a carrier pigon show up with an interesting note tied to his leg.


"What do you mean I can't be the agent I claim to be because records show I haven't deployed?  YOU DROPPED ME OFF!  I've completed my task!  Unfortunatly the French maid who has been my close contact inadvertantly blew my cover with her dad.  Things have gone bad and I need extraction!  Come pick me up NOW!"


Obviously, this is some hun trap that we can ignore.  hmmm... there seems to be an unclaimed stash of peanut butter, Almond Joy bars, and Praline cookies.  Don't want that going to waist.

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