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F-86F Pre-order


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Trev and I have already purchased it.  Trev will finally be moving forward on his MoBo this weekend.  I got a sortie in on the aircraft, it's very much a beta right now.  However, it's quite fun and simple, especially compared to the A-10C.  I don't think  they have a lot of the systems working yet or I just didn't hit the right switches.  Of course, I didn't read a single manual...

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I'm just going to wait for ED to release 1944, I love them as a company but I'm not buying any more duplicates, especially at that price point.  I have the stand alone Su-25 but that cost me $15 and I bought FC3 afterwards, too.  The Fishbed is coming home as soon as it hits the streets, though.  DDR skins, too!


Trev's MoBo is the wrong socket, btw (1155 instead of an 1150)  :angry:

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F-86 is one of my most favorable jet. Together with LTV A-7 Corsair II and AV-8B Harrier. Both I hope will be a part of DCS World. The only negative is that DCS modeled so few planes from so wide era that the online campaigns I like the most of online flying are almost impossible to set up.

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I agree Pragr.


Prior to the announcement of the Fw 190D-9 and DCS WW2, that was my major problem with the P-51D.  Beautifully done, but nothing to do with it.


After thinking about it, and hearing everyone else's plans, I think I'm going to wait and see.

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Btw, someone posted an authentic F-86 manual to the DCS forums:




Since there is no manual for the sim, this will definitely help.


It's for an F-86E, however.  And we have the F series.  So some things are slightly different.


Here is a direct link:



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