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FIF XIX timetable


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S! All,
As of this post, we're looking to have a dry run of FIF XIX on Wednesday, August 6th @ 8:45PM EDT.
Our hope is to have a full start of the tournament on Wednesday, August 13th @ 8:45PM EDT.

Just a reminder - in order to get Central or Entente access, you must officially sign up for Flanders In Flames in one of the two areas provided:

Central Powers

Entente Powers

Not signing up means you cannot fly in the event.

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S! All,


Thanks for helping to make last Wednesday's test mission very successful.


As of this post, we're still on track to start on Wednesday, August 13th.


To all newly arriving pilots - once you get access to either the Central or Entente sections, make sure to find (or ask for) your team's TeamSpeak information.


This will be very important!


Should anyone have any questions, please post below.

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S! All,


Tomorrow (Wednesday, August 6th) will be the dry-run for the FIF XIX tournament.


As of this post, the dry-run will take place on the No.42 server, which should be locked.


The server password will be distributed before the server launches.  This will happen via TeamSpeak.


If you're new to FIF, please make sure you get your team's TeamSpeak information!


The server launch will be at 8:45PM EDT.


However, the dry-run will not officially start until 9:00PM EDT.


The dry-run will not be dead-is-dead, and captures will not be enforced.


However, all other tournament rules should be followed!




This means no weapons mods, with the exception of the twin rear-guns for the two-seaters.


It also means that no aircraft should take off until they see the "green flare" over their aerodrome at around 9:00PM EDT.


Should anyone have any questions, post below.


I'll be sending this message out as a bulk mail via the JG1 forums.



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S! Klaiber,


I'd like to sign up for FiF If there is still the opportunity to do so, however I wanted to cast my lot in with the shorter handed team.


Also I understand there is some "pre-req" to participate.  
Any information would be greatly appreciated, love to join you all!



Cheers, and thanks,



RAF28 Jenkins

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Hi Jenkins,


You're all set for the Entente team.  Both teams are currently even at around 20+ players.


Regarding the pre-req, make sure to get the Entente TeamSpeak information, and jump onto their TS server sometime before 8:45PM EDT.


They should be able to help coordinate you, and will let you know if anything is required.


Looking forward to flying with you!

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