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Hanriot HD.1 released?


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I *think* the Hanriot HD.1 was just released.  Or, it's about to be released.




I can't tell, as I'm at work.  But after today's ROF maintenance, the store picture went from a silhouette to color.


It's also got a weapon mod and a field mod.


I guess we'll find out the future of Rise of Flight pretty soon.  :unsure:

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Update regarding Hotfix:






A hotfix is in the works. It will hopefully address all the oversights and issues uncovered when we launched 1.33. Will also include the addition of the camera and bomb sight to the Strutter two-seater and camera to he single-seater. However, there will be no accompanying 3D bits, but the functionality is there.



I don't have any info about more skin packs outside of the official one we released for 1.33.



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Dear pilots!

Rise of Flight master server will be unavailable for about an hour starting from 8:00 and till 9:00 GMT today, August 22nd.
We plan to deploy the fresh version on the server. The change log is as follows:
- Hanriot HD2 with safety collisions is now able to takeoff
- Propeller looks ok when looking from rear cockpit of Sopwith Strutter
- Blip switch button animation on Hanriots fixed
- Camera and bombsight were added to Sopwith Strutter (the two seater)
- Camera was added to Sopwith Strutter B
- F2 camera is no longer available when spectators are not allowed
- Channel missions were restored
- Viewer was restored
- Hanriots now counting in statistics ok
- Landing on central hydrodrome on Lake map was fixed

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I haven't updated to 1.033b and may not until 1.033c.  Lot of new bugs spawned in with the update:


Apparently the views won't save.  http://riseofflight.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=49&t=43865


There is a bug in spin recovery where pitch control freezes.  http://riseofflight.com/Forum/viewtopic.php?f=353&t=43880


This may impact FiF.

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