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Want to fly in the Memphis Belle?


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That will be a grand day out. Good to make memories with your Dad.


The Belle was on display at Mud Island for a while. When I saw here there, they were gathering funds for repairs and a better home.  I never realized that the control surfaces were cloth covered or that the skin was so thin that you could almost poke a pencil through it.


Have fun.

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well, finally got my photos uploaded to an image site. https://imageshack.com/a/AUdz/1 If anyone has trouble seeing the album, pls let me know.


It was definitely a memorable time.


My Dad had had quadruple bypass surgery earlier in the summer and several return visits to the IC unit due to complications. He's doing better now but is on dialysis and has to wear a cardiac vest, the battery pack of which can be seen in a few shots. I've been helping him out a lot over the summer with odds and ends and so have not really returned to any serious flying. He is doing much better though which is what prompted the idea for the bomber ride. We wanted to do something unique together.


The ride was really a blast. My dad stayed in a seat near the rear door for mobility reasons but I got to roam the plane after take-off. As a kid I'd always imagined the bomber being huge but inside it is really not that roomy. I barely fit between the bomb racks and with a parachute strapped to my butt it would have been impossible. Moving under the cockpit to enter the nose really takes some agility as well, lol. This particular aircraft didn't see much, if any, action but after being restored during the 80's and painted in the 'Memphis Belle' colors it was used in the making of the film of that name.


I have some video I took as well but I still need to work out an upload for that. I'll update the post later if I get it done ;)





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