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Some things not listed in the FiF description.


FiF is designed for each team to have a possibility of 10 objectives in a semi realistic environment. To help with re-playibility many targets are randomly selected from a pool of 2 or 4. At the beginning of the session, the game announces what targets are active. That list repeats every 8 minutes after take off time. As secondary objectives become available, they are added to the list.


While some targets are identified with Icons on the map, secondary targets are identified by a text message from Waldo or Otto. Those messages last 15 seconds and then are added to the repeating list.


Some targets are hidden and must be found. The recon objective is one. You have to look for and find a U shaped set of hangars. Each side has 4 sets. Only 1 is active. The active 1 has an AA truck in the center as an Identifier. You must have the photo option and be in a plane named "recon".  You will get the usual interface. While the Icon targets have an odd or even position as displayed on the maps, recon targets are moved to new positions for every session.


Other hidden targets can be trains, tank convoys on roads or ships moving on rivers. These are targets of opportunity. The list of what targets are available changes from one FiF to another depending on the availability of the roads and rivers.  The list of available targets is updated in the maps and objectives section of the forums.


Target defense is intended to be a threat but not a determining factor. All AA is set to the lowest AI level. Most targets have a single AA unit.


Aerodrome attack objective has 4 airplanes that must be destroyed. It has a single AA unit 500 m to 1000 m. The AA does not need to be destroyed but can be killed and will not re-spawn.


Vehicle units and tank units consist of either 3 tanks or 3 trucks and an AA truck mixed in with them. These are usually spread around a warehouse area. These AA guns must be destroyed. They do not re-spawn.  


Factories have 2 AA trucks. One on either side of the factory at a distance of 500 m to 1000 m. These do not need to be destroyed. They can be killed but can re-spawn. Because of the limitations of the plane set we are not doing high level bombing of factories. Factories can be bombed at low level. We will return to high level bombing on the next FiF. 


Balloons offer no radar. They do fire flares. Balloons are protected by 2 AA trucks. One on either side at a distance of about 1000 m.


Air bases used by players are surrounded by 6 AA trucks. It is possible to attack enemy players on a home field but it is VERY dangerous. Player bases are not targets because that goes against the purpose of the event. Unlike open events, here, planes are limited and players are restricted to specific bases and unable to change bases except under certain conditions. Killing an enemy air base prevents pilots from flying. We want people to be able to fly and have fun. (and if you are Entente, to die a miserable death in a flaming coffin.)


Front line trenches are protected by a low level AA fence. The fence is just under 1000 m. Below this altitude, it gets progressively more dangerous. The fence does not end at the border of the area of influence (the red and blue areas on the map). Outside of the areas of influence there are scattered AA trucks similar to balloon defense. They are a threat but not killers. Their purpose it to help defenders spot an enemy intrusion.

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