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Trains' behavior.


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Hi Sir,

This's a request.

So, the same with your words:


Is it possible to allow trains to use any stretch from the first station to the last station of each of them even if this stretch don't start or end at a Blue or Red edge of the board, ending when they hit a station near the front lines?



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Currently, DCG uses the file MyCampaign.rls.
In wich are the parts of the train lines.
[City_A1_Station to City_B1_Station]
[City_B1_Station to City_C1_Station]
[City_C1_Station to City_D1_Station]
[City_D1_Station to City_E1_Station]
[City_E1_Station to City_F1_Station]
[City_A2_Station to City_B2_Station]
[City_B2_Station to City_C2_Station]
[City_C2_Station to City_D2_Station]
[City_D2_Station to City_E2_Station]
[City_E2_Station to City_F2_Station]
[City_A3_Station to City_B3_Station]
[City_B3_Station to City_C3_Station]
[City_C3_Station to City_D3_Station]
[City_D3_Station to City_E3_Station]
[City_E3_Station to City_F3_Station]
[City_A4_Station to City_B4_Station]
[City_B4_Station to City_C4_Station]
[City_C4_Station to City_D4_Station]
[City_D4_Station to City_E4_Station]
[City_E4_Station to City_F4_Station]
[City_A5_Station to City_B5_Station]
[City_B5_Station to City_C5_Station]
[City_C5_Station to City_D5_Station]
[City_D5_Station to City_E5_Station]
[City_E5_Station to City_F5_Station]

Adding a file MyCampaign.end.
If it exists, this file contains the line terminus (Last stop, all change!)
[City_A1_Station to City_F1_Station]
[City_A2_Station to City_F2_Station]
[City_A3_Station to City_F3_Station]
[City_A4_Station to City_F4_Station]
[City_A5_Station to City_F5_Station]

Without any change in the DCG rules, a train can randomly spawn at a MyCampaign.end station and move using the MyCampaign.rls roads.

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