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Where is II./JG1 ?


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S! Gentlemen.. and Labroisse


After having escaped the internment camp, I am wondering if there is a squad presence other than in RoF? While the whirlygigs are fun I have been looking at starting back up with an eye to IL2 BoS.

Is there anyone to direct this lost soul in the right direction. The pointy end still goes forward right?





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I know Klaiber will chime in with a much more articulate response than I but mine will be quicker.


As far as WWII goes, II./JG1 just finished up our last official IL-2: 1946 tournament with Ghost Skies and will be transitioning that tournament over to IL-2: Cliffs of Dover, patched with Team Fusion's latest mod.


We have several pilots testing IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad and we're collectively looking forward the what that sim can bring us, as well.


So we're definitely here ;)

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