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FIFXIX - Session 4 (10 September 2014)


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Congratulations to the Entente Team!
With a total of 37 points, the Entente team has emerged victorious in FIFXIX.
You guys fought exceptionally well.  And I think I speak for the entire Central team when I say that it was a tremendous amount of fun.
To celebrate the Entente team's achievement, the FIFXIX campaign ribbon shows the RAF roundel on a red background.
As always, a big "Salute!" to everyone who participated in this event.  Without you, none of this would be possible.
Looking forward to FIFXX!
The scores for Mission 4 are shown below.
. . .

FIFXIX Session 4 Results: 
Central Objectives Completed: 7

  • Artillery Spotting Completed
  • Trench Mapping Completed
  • Reconnaissance Objective Completed
  • Entente Factory Destroyed
  • Entente Bridge Destroyed
  • Entente Ship Destroyed
  • Entente Front-line Unit killed

Entente Objectives Completed: 10

  • German Factory Destroyed
  • Artillery Spotting Completed
  • Espionage Objective Completed
  • Reconnaissance Objective Completed
  • German Bridge Destroyed
  • German Aerodrome Destroyed
  • German Train Destroyed
  • Reconnaissance Secondary Objective Completed
  • German Front-line Unit killed
  • Reserve German Unit Destroyed

Total Objectives Completed (FINAL):
Central = 30
Entente = 37 (winner)
. . .
Server Stat Information: (not working for mission #4)
. . .
Server Screenshots:






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