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Im fairly new to Il-2 46 and brand new to DCG. Myself and a few friends were thinking of a coop/multiplayer campaign, something dynamic. After some research I found DCG, but I am going to be honest I have no idea what to do and were to start. What I wanted to ask was is there a manual I can read through and maybe get the basics or some guide of some sort. Thanks in advance and apologies to bother with prob such a stupid question.


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Check the main website lowengrin.dcg which got several documents to follow for ausing DCG.

Or join us with your m8s in flying regular & weekly DCG coop campaigns covering the complete world war.

Although the website is less cared in english lately, we all speak english.

Choose whatever side you would like to fly, learn how to use DCG or ask question in TS and use it following on you own.


However it is no real difference using it in singleplayer or coop but enabling the mark for coop in the gui.

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