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airfield threatened no matter where the front is


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I am running 4.10 and dcg 3.46 and I am trying to start a new New Guinea campaign but I have modded the master rds file to include Vivigani Airstrip which I select as my home base.

[solomon_Sea to Vivigani_Airstrip]
  362902.00 164077.81 120.00 0 2 2.3611111640930176
  363155.81 164058.63 120.00 0 2 2.3611111640930176
  363399.28 164028.91 120.00 0 2 2.3611111640930176
  363583.47 163961.31 120.00 0 2 2.3611111640930176
  364762.50 162778.02 120.00 0 2 2.3611111640930176
  364942.41 162716.63 120.00 0 2 2.3611111640930176
  365124.44 162674.30 120.00 0 2 2.3611111640930176
  365317.06 162621.38 120.00


This works fine, until I made a patrol box and added a Jap Carrier. The Jap carrier and the US carrier are the first chiefs so they follow the patrol box and not act as a ferry force
Now no matter where I put the Axis patrol box or the front the very first mission DCG says the base is being threatened and I must transfer! I assume it's because of the carrier task force?


How do I avoid this? Will putting the Jap patrol box "off map" solve the problem? Is so, what are the co-ordinates for the Rabaul base the Japs use in the new guinea campaign?

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Arnt the Rabaul airstrips offmap airfields?

You should find it mentioned in the offmap.dcg.

Offmap airfields are actually virual airfields used as airstart solution, if the map lags of appropiated airfields or distances.

However an offmap airfield is added to rds file, created with the coordinates of a plane.I set it always at a height of 3000+ and add it then to an offmap.dcg file within my campaign folder.



The distance of your airfield is too close to the front location, that is the reason why your squadrons are transfered.

Change the front loaction, eitzher in the gui or the allcampaigns file (be advised, this resets the campaigns, measn all vehicles move back to the spawn point)


As basic tip,if you caonsider to change morethan just a few columns .You will be much faster and less irritated, if you create your own campaign, instead of editting already made ones.

Basically it follows the same pattern, you just want to change or add, maybe a tank column, followed by adding squadrons, and perhabs an alternative route to implement a new airfield or train routes.Which then is already the point to start a creating an own campaign.

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this old chestnut has raised it's ugly head again. This time it's in the Singapore campaign. All I did was at "Dumai Airfield" (the 'Netherlands Base') to rds and airfields. Any idea what to do? As you can see, the front is hundreds of miles away and in no way is the base threatened!


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