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JG I "Richthofen" - Awards & Promotions


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S! All,


The following JG I pilots are being recognized for their actions during Flanders In Flames XIX, as well as for their overall contributions to JG I.





Geschwader Promotions

  • Helmut Lipfert (Jasta 11) - promotion to the rank of Offizierstellvertreter (OffzSt).
  • Max Reinhart (Jasta 10) - promotion to the rank of Offizierstellvertreter (OffzSt).
  • Heinirch Wolf (Jasta 6) - promotion to the rank of Offizierstellvertreter (OffzSt).
  • Kurt (Somnus) Shoenfelder (Jasta 10) - promotion to the rank of Vizefeldwebel (Vzfw.)

German Army Report


"For gallantry in battle, but also extraordinary fidelity and essential service."



  • Rittm. Otto Klaiber (double awardee)
  • Hptm. Heinrich Maushake (double awardee)
  • Oblt. Fritz Butzzell (triple awardee)
  • Oblt. Heinz (Moxy) Schulte (double awardee)
  • Oblt. Kurt (Wurger) Wüsthoff (double awardee)
  • Lt. Ferdinand Labroisse (triple awardee)
  • Lt. Thomas Lahm (triple awardee)
  • Fähnr. Leopold (Lee) Greifvogel (triple awardee)
  • OffzSt. Helmut Lipfert (double awardee)
  • OffzSt. Richard (Vonrd) Ausweichen (double awardee)
  • OffzSt. Bruno Vikner (double awardee)
  • OffzSt. Heinirch Wolf (triple awardee)
  • Vzfw. Kurt (Somnus) Shoenfelder

Honor Cross for Combatants with Swords 1914-1918


"For 4 years of active service to JG I Richthofen."


  • Oblt. Hans von Eichenwald, joined JG I "Richthofen" January 2010.
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