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DCG is stuck in a weather pattern?


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What makes DCG decide on the weather conditions? I am currently playing a (Modified) Singapore2 campaign with Carriers and Destroyers and DCG is determined to make nearly every mission of mine an anti shipping strike. Every time it makes an anti shipping mission it sets the weather to either "blind" or "hazy" which makes it very hard to find the ships. Is this hard coded into DCG or can it be adjusted? And is there any setting I can choose to give the anti shipping role to other more suitable squadrons, I am flying a spitfire that can carry 2 bombs, if I was to choose a different spitfire that has no bomb loadout option would DCG be aware of this and not give me the anti-shipping missions?

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Basically the weather follows a hardcoded routine in some kind, but you are able to define the array via the gui.

Open up the Gui and (am at work so i cant tell yo uexactly the rider to click) move to the last rider at right side where you can adjust settings (dropdown menu) like weather from "clear" to "blind", aswell gusts and turbulences and more soft settings.

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Thanks, I managed to find the weather settings in custom mission settings, however, once I changed the weather, I got the following error message when trying to change the settings for "intercept" and "escort" 

Only fighter squadrons may intercept


Which I immediately thought WTF!!!  Because my chosen squadron is 75 RAAF, a fighter sqn, I should know because I served in 75 sqn in real life and trust me it is and has always been a "fighter" sqn!


So thinking it was just a "glitch" I closed DCG, only to find the next time i loaded DCG I got this!



So now DCG has "lost" my current campaign :(  arghhh!!!

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