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New CoD beta tomorrow


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Hi everyone' date='


We’re just having the hardest time trying to push this patch out. There are technical difficulties that cause occasional crashes to desktop. We hunted down all of the issues caused by the features new in this patch, but we are still facing some old issues with the engine. They are especially apparent on DirectX 9 and Windows XP.


We’re actually going to release another beta version of the same patch tomorrow and see how it’s testing the rest of the week. We’d like to make sure we don’t make the game any less stable with the new patch than it was with the old, or make it run any slower.


Sorry about the wait. We really want to push out the patch and continue improving the game but it’s just never as easy as you hope.[/quote']

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testing now!

clear your cache before install!




So far lighting and sound are different.

Sound has more ambient's and the lighting, imo is more realistic.

Some neg's... I seem to have lost some of my "things" on my mission

checking the fmb now (this could be a concern for our server) weather its my machine or not not cant tell yet.

game runs about the same, no dramatic improvements that I can tell

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I tried updating to 1.3 the other day and wound up with some sort of rainbow lighting coming around the gauges and dials on the cockpit... anyone have any idea why? Maybe it's that cache thing Moxy mentioned... Working split from the rest of the continental US is no fun at all, by the way. Hope to see some of you guys this weekend.

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