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timetable command: delay


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Hi Paul,

do you think it would be possible to create a timetable command to control the delay some squadrons may spawn?

sth like

19430310 startdelay 1  //(5minutes later)
19430310 startdelay 2  //(10minutes later)
19430310 startdelay 3  //(15 mintes later)

I  guess you already hardcoded sth like that for 5 mins?

That way it would be easier to populate a map for a longer time.

Of course I can just tell only from my point of view.

Our campaign is running one hour at least and 90-120 min at max.

Most AI return to base after 40-50min, depending of the mission areas and radius of course.

However by a timetable command like that one could time the squadrons to personal desires.

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