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FIF XX delayed by 1 week


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Hi All,

We've had a major problem with the FIF mission file, and as a result, we'll need to delay the tournament by one week.

We'll now be starting FIF XX on Wednesday, October 29th at 8:45PM EDT.

Tomorrow (Wednesdsay, October 22nd) will instead be a test for a new map!

Please mark your calendars with the change. And check back to the FIF forums within the next day. A newly constructed map and objective list will be posted soon!

For those interested, here's what happened:

The Digital Nature Engine on our old map was getting bogged down, and caused the mission clock to slow down, stop, or even run backwards. This meant that a 2 hour mission would run for 3 to 5 hours before flipping.

A lot of this issue had to do with the number of entities on the map, as well as the general density of the Channel Map. We were using a large territory for FIF, so it may have just been more than the game could handle.

Butzzell and Stubby have now reduced the play area on the map, and took out some objects. The new map runs perfectly.

So, this Wednesday is a test. And next Wednesday, the 29th, will be the start of the event.

Hope to see you all online!


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