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Technical information needed.


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I'm shopping to buy one of the PC's in a box from Tiger Direct, actually they call it the barebones kit. I need to know which part of the computer contains the plug for the cable wire. Is it a card like a video or sound card or something else? I tried to get an idea of what I should be looking for by looking at my Dell, but it looks like the one on the Dell is an intrigul part of the MB, otherwise I might've tried to reuse it in the new machine.


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Hey Jim

Concur with Britch, if its a tiger direct "bare bones", TD will have the motherboard in their catalog.

And in its specs, it will say something like Ethernet connection.

Jim to be honest, today I dont know of any "common" motherboard, that doesn't have an Ethernet built in!


But are you talking the "internet" connection or a "cable" TV type? If its a "cable" TV type, for cable TV....

then 99.2% on a "barebones" kit you'll probably need a TV tuner card.


Hope this helps


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