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Server kick update


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S! All,


After two mission scrubs due to server problems, JG1 and No.42 tested the Mission 1 map last night on the JG1 server.


Unfortunately, despite switching servers, we had still had a number of 10019 errors.  It was so bad for some of us that it became unplayable.


At this point, we're not sure what's going on.  Both the No.42 server and the JG1 server are reporting the same problems.  And so is New Wings:








It almost seems like this is a "game" issue that is affecting the global community.


In fact, the running theory that all of these universal latency problems stem from the Master Server upgrade that happened in September:




Butzzell is going to try and contact 777 and find out if there is anything that we can do.  FIF needs a stable server environment, and this situation is seriously hurting the community.


So, regarding our schedule:


There is no official Wednesday mission this week.


However, we will be putting up a dogfight server for everyone to fly on.  We could definitely use the help testing the servers.


For everyone in the U.S., have a great Thanksgiving!


After the holiday, we'll attempt to resume the tournament on Wednesday, December 3rd.


Thanks all for your understanding!

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Hi All,


Just saw this post from Zak_1CGS on the Rise of Flight boards:





Dear pilots!

We inform you that ROF official site and forum are going to be shut down for 2 hours on November 26th from 11:00 till 13:00 UTC/GMT for maintenance.


I hope this helps our current situation.

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BH_Wingover had been getting kicked on several servers and had been kicked twice before the mission started.

What he did was to delete all the folders in his dog fight folder, after deleting the folders he was not kicked once and was one of the last person to leave the server.


path 777/riseofflight/data/multiplayer/dogfight

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This reminds me of what was happening back during the last Bloody April Campaign.  The client's were instructed to lower the bandwidth usage to 1mb outgoing, 2mb incoming.  You can set this in the Network tab of the ROF settings menu.  I think by default it's set to unlimited both ways.  It may have nothing to do with what's going on here as this problem seems more widespread, but it probably couldn't hurt.  Could be coincidence, but it's extremely rare for me to get disconnected.  Last time I was kicked was probably months ago.

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