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3 December 2014 mission


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Hi Guys,


As all of you know, we've been stuck on Mission #3 of the FIF XX campaign for the last few weeks.  This has been due to server instability.


But, as the old idiom says: "third time's the charm!"  And the hope is that the server maintenance on November 26th may have helped stabilize things.


So, this Wednesday, December 3rd, will be an official mission.  The server kick off is 8:45PM EST.  The mission start is 9PM EST.  Passwords will be given out before the server launches.


In order to prevent excessive kicks during the Wednesday mission, it's recommend that FIF pilots who are experiencing problems do the following:


  1. Delete the mission files with the Dogfight folder, located here: 777/riseofflight/data/multiplayer/dogfight
  2. Try adjusting your Network Settings in game.  Cuban recommends: 1mb outgoing, 2mb incoming.


With any luck, this should work.


See you guys on Wednesday!

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Hi Navy,


I'm not sure what's going on there.  It could be server related.  Or it could not be.


Because it's sensitive information, I removed the image and will show Butzzell, Stubby and Flatspin.


Thanks a lot for bring it to my attention!


I'll get back to you ASAP.

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