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Fw 190 - First Landing


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:wacko:   Looks like you took some shot in it, too.  Bet that didn't help.


I took the thing up and did circuits in it.  Taking off is terrifying.  You really have to work the rudder pedals to keep it straight.  Don't "pussyfoot" around with it.  I usually run the MW-50 to make sure my roll is as short as possible.  For landings I've had my best with a 210kph approach speed, full nose up trim.  Start flare low and make sure it's long, otherwise if you come down too hard you'll bounce the crap out of it and that gets out of hand FAST.  Put her in a 3-point position and let her come down on it gently.  Landing in the 3-point allows you to lock the tail wheel quickly and minimize your chances of looping.  It takes practice.  Lots.  I got about 8 landings in an only 2 were no bounce or minimum bounce.  


Flies like a dream when in the air though.  She loves high speed.    :D

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