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ROF Flight Test of New FM Mods


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Just finished flight testing the new FMs.  Here is how they line up.  All flown at 1000 meters, 50% fuel, auto level, with mixture adjusted for max RPM when applicable.  Max RPM achieved and speed in KPH (indicated, not true, but all at same pressure altitude) if someone wants to compare.  Just did the ones with major FM mods but will probably expand to all aircraft when I have time:


Sopwith Camel  1200 RPM 161 KPH

Sopwith Pup      1180 RPM 151 KPH

Sopwith Tripe    1180 RPM 161 KPH

PDIIIa                1550 RPM 175 KPH

DIII                    1540 RPM 180 KPH

DVa                  1540 RPM 180 KPH

DRIa                 1320 RPM 165 KPH

SE5a                1880 RPM 204 KPH


My initial impression is that they look reasoanble based on historic comparison.  Camel won't run down an Albatross anymore.

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