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Turn Destroyer to Transport


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Happy New Year,

I think I can remember there was a way to make a e.g. destroyer capable to transport columns?

Is that correct, or was that characteristics hardcoded?


If I am able to change the characteristics, what was the correct file to work in?

I suppose the gobject.dcg.

As the tramps are capable I would try to use these settings for a destroyer aswell, however the Tral or MFP can transport columns aswell and got a slightly different number code...



Ships.Tramp                                           1 0 0 1 0 1 1  None


Ships.MFP                                             2 1 1 1 0 1 1  None

Tanker from the ship pack

ShipPack.Tanker0                                      1 0 0 0 0 0 1  None   

Default Jap Destroyer

Ships.IJNKageroDD41                                   2 0 0 0 1 1 1  None

So maybe you could explain the code ...once again?

Am sure you did already a few times, but I cant find the thread anymore. Maybe it was in the old forum, ashame we lost all the very valueable infomation collected there.


edit: After browsing the forums thread, I noticed that thread again.

Probably the transport characteristics are hardcoded.

If yes it is fine as it is, if not I would like to know how which synthax to change in the files pls.


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Digit #1 is side (1=allied, 2= axis);

Digit #2 to #6 is game version info (whether that unit is included in stock Il2 / FB / Aces / PF / etc); it's no more relevant, as everybody has a 4.10+ version;

Text caption at the end of line is for substitutes; e.g. PAM was introduced with Aces, so if you only have FB, it will be substituted for you with S8.


Ship classes are specified in Shipnames.dcg, e.g.


[iJNAmatsukazeDD45] DD

But I don't know whether it works with transports. Possibly transports are really and seriously hardcoded. ;) Anyway, you may try the following and see what happens:

[iJNAmatsukazeDD45] TR

Happy New Year to Everyone!
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