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I think it looks VERY nicre. The subdued red color of the bar and other titles is quite handsome.


The events page looks squished. Just a sizing issue.


The forums do look strange with the black white thing going on. They probably have a separate set up configuration file. Not sur what to do there. Make everything the same neutral background? some kind of beige that blends into the sepia of the top picture? Probably too dark. Perhaps something lighter like the collor of the signature paper. Of course the signatures will all blend in and disappear. Perhaps a nice light green background with red text? Santa says go for it but I have my doubts. Perhaps just solid white and no stripes?


No matter what, you can be guaranteed, fix one problem and another pops up.



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Yes, the forums have a different styling. For now, going to leave it alone until one of three things happen. One, the forum creators do something to make it extremely easy to style (not likely). Two, I go in and change the forum code css references (not possible). Three, I go make a forum skin (uggh).


The Events is one of the items on the todo list, not a big deal.


One thing to keep in mind, we are running out of top level navigation space. We are at the limit for the items in the top navigation. A few things that can be done, reorganize the top level navigation, placing some as sub items of others. Also, reduce the number of characters in the menu items. Finally, offload the login/logout & profile tabs to another area.

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