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Good, or sad?


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So something happened this weekend and I'm not sure if it's a good thing, or if it's rather sad.


I flew to Atlanta over the weekend, and on the flight down I looked up from my book and out the window -just in time- to see another plane pass by us so close I could see the people in its windows and hear its engines, even over ours.


My knee-jerk reaction/thought was "Turn hard and pull on his six!"


Besides being grateful that someone's violation of FAA regulations didn't get us all killed, I don't know if I'm proud of my reflexes, or saddened from what must mean I've been flying the MiG too much lately...

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Haha, I was doing the same Klaiber. I'd see a glint off in the distance and perk up immediately.


Brit, no idea. It was some smaller passenger liner, at cruise altitude, and it blew past us to the right. It really was quite spectacular, I've never passed THAT. Close to another plane before.


There was another plane, co-alt, at our 5 and slightly distant. I watched it for a while as it slowly drifted away and I thought to myself, "He must be flying a different radial."

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