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FIF XXI dry-run


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Hi All,


Tomorrow (Wednesday, February 4th) will be the dry-run for the FIF XXI tournament.

As of this post, the dry-run will take place on the No.42 server, which should be locked.

The server password will be distributed before the server launches. This will happen via TeamSpeak.

If you're new to FIF, please make sure you get your team's TeamSpeak information. It should be available in either the Central or the Entente areas of the JG1 forum.

The server launch will be at 8:45PM EST.

However, the dry-run will not officially start until 9:00PM EST.

The dry-run is not dead-is-dead, and captures will not be enforced. The dry-run is designed to "kick the tires" before we go live.

However, all other tournament rules should be followed!


No aircraft should take off until they see the "green flare" over their aerodrome at around 9:00PM EST.

Should anyone have any questions, please post below.


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