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Nice digs.


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Just thought I'd drop by and see how things are. I've been watching the community reviews of COD and have an itch to buy it, even though my PC was fried by lightening a bit ago. I think I should attend FSA (Flight Sim Annom.).

Jim formerly Otto Von Odir.

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I'm hoping to be able to build my own PC for the sole purpose of COD, I'm tired of having the big PC companies lie to me about how easy it is to "upgrade" their products. I figure if I build it for COD, ROF shouldn't have any problems running on it. I just want to be certain that I build according to specs that run COD without the any of the hitches some seem to be having. Plus some added power incase COD follows the same route that IL2 did and has a specs requirement change with a forthcoming patch. Is it possible to overbuild?

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I built my first PC about 3 years ago and I agree with your statement about the big companies. Going your own route you can focus on what's important to you and save money on the extraneous stuff at the same time as putting it back into beefing up the things you need/want. Overbuild... never, you'll feel obsolete in a few years regardless what you do, so you might as well go big and be happy longer ;)

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