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Best Way to Debug Custom DCG Campaign?


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I am working on a new Arab Israeli War 1948 campaign and have the bones in place for some playable testing.  However, I am receiving a DCG error noting "No stationary.dcg found" in a window alert.


Content from the dcgerror.txt file is as follows:

[2015/02/14 15:51:28.14] Parameter String0 = D:\Software Data\My Games\IL2 - 1946\IL-2 Sturmovik 1946\DGen.exe
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.15] Parameter String1 = is
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.15] Parameter String2 = 0
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.15] DCG.ini processed.
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.18] Loaded messages processed.
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.20] Game version checked [1946].
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.20] Game version includes IL2AEP [True].
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.20] Game version successfully set up.
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.22] Begin Parameter Check
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.22] Parameters processed.
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.22] Grand Campaign Trigger Check.
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.23] No campaign path located.
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.23] No campaign.dcg file found.

[2015/02/14 15:51:28.25] Target Locations processed.
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.25] Checking Stationary List
[2015/02/14 15:51:28.26] No stationary.dcg file found.

Thus, it appears that error originates on the line noting No campaign path located.  Thus, when hitting given error lines in the dcgerror.txt file; where should one look in their dcg campaign file set for the root cause?  

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The issue is that your Parameter String1 is passing a variable ("is") that DCG doesn't recognize.  Unfortunately, nations are hard-coded in DCG - something that should have been tossed out years ago as more and more nations got added, but I got lazy and never bothered to make it user defined even after mods started coming out. 


Sorry, but all squadrons have to be of a nationality recognized by IL-2 1946.

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